Style Periods, from Past to Present

From Gothic to Eclectic…Style Periods There many style periodsAnd within those periods, are smaller style periods. Here’s a brief starting point from which to glean insight for some of the major style eras since the middle ages. Gothic Style, 12th-16th … Continued

Medieval to Victorian, Savory Pies

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Raised Pies Although dessert pies are more common today – at least in the States – Savory Pies have been around for centuries and began as a way to transport food without the benefit of modern day tupperware. Early raised … Continued

How to Make an Antique Monogram Stationery Set

Designing your Antique Monogram Creating an Antique Monogram and Stationery: You will need to have access to a computer and printer, along with nice quality paper and envelopes. You may also need a scanner, depending upon your method. To create … Continued