5 Movies to Sip Tea and Shiver to!

The Pale Horse, a Miss Marple Mystery from Acorn TV
From The Pale Horse

These movies span the ages, but all have a Victorian sense of spookiness to them.

From cozy mystery to Hitchcockian Thriller.

I love a mystery, and I love a little suspense too.
What I don’t love is gore.
Lots of blood gurgling out of body parts doesn’t say ‘put the kettle on’ to me.

These five movies do, however. They range from a little suspenseful to quite a bit more so, but they’re all fun, and a little creepy (the Miss Marple mystery being the least scary, as you can imagine).

As movies come and go, on network TV, Netflix, etc – I’ve given links to view online, but you may be able to find them on streaming channels or regular TV.

The Awakening, a movie of occult and suspense set in the 1920s.

The Awakening (2012)
It’s 1921, just after the war in England, and Rebecca Cathcart makes her living from exposing hoaxes and scam artists. These people are preying on folks who have lost loved ones in battle with tricked up seances, and props. She is not so naïve – she knows better and she knows their methods.
Her life is a daily routine of unmasking fraud. Until she visits a boarding school out in the country, that is, whose staff is looking for answers when the ghost of a child begins to appear.
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Still of the night, a suspenseful art mystery movie with Meryl Streep and Roy Scheider

Still of the Night (1982)
Merly Streep, Roy Scheider
A thriller set against the very high-end New York Antiques trade. A Psychiatrist falls for a curator at a museum he hears about through one of his patients. From there thing get complicated.
Hitchcockian in style. A good one to watch if you like art, antiques, and movies with 1980s decor.
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Crooked House, a tale of three ghost stories centered around a mysterious house.

Crooked House (2208)
This is not the same as the Crooked House, currently on Netflix. This Crooked House is a series of three ghost stories that center around a house, Geap Manor.

It begins present day with Ben, a young school teacher who unearths an old door knocker in his yard. Taking it to a local history museum curator, he finds out it may have belonged to the now demolished Geap Manor.

Intrigued by what he’s being told, Ben encourages the curator to tell him the history and some of the ‘myths’ that surround the bygone mansion.

The stories span from the Tudor era to the present and little does Ben know that he may be about to become the next chapter.

Written by Mark Gattis, who plays Mycroft in the BBC version of Sherlock Holmes. Gattis also plays the history curator in this movie.

I originally saw this movie on Netflix, but it can be hard to find now. It is on YouTube, naturally you’re going to see some ads first, but keep watching.
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The Pale Horse starring super sleuth, Miss Marple and a coven of modern-day witches.

The Pale Horse (2010)
This is a newer version of the Agatha Christie mystery, with Julia McKenzie as Miss Marple.

A series of deaths begins to look a lot like series of murders.
One clue leads to another, and Miss Marple finds herself in the small village of Much Deeping, where a trio of women running an Inn, The Pale Horse, may or may not be a coven of modern-day witches.

Since this is a Miss Marple movie, when I say ‘modern day,’ I mean early 1950s. Any Miss Marple movie is good with a cup of tea, but this was one of my favorites.
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Best Offer (2014)
Geoffery Rush, Jim Sturgess, Sylvia Hoeks
A successful, but somewhat shady, art dealer is asked by a young heiress to give an evaluation on her late parent’s collection. Strangely, she won’t let herself be seen, and communicates from behind her doors. The art dealer is at first intrigued, then becomes obsessed with her. Suspense with a pinch of romance
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