Style Periods, from Past to Present

From Gothic to Eclectic…Style Periods There many style periodsAnd within those periods, are smaller style periods. Here’s a brief starting point from which to glean insight for some of the major style eras since the middle ages. Gothic Style, 12th-16th … Continued

How to Make an Antique Monogram Stationery Set

Designing your Antique Monogram Creating an Antique Monogram and Stationery: You will need to have access to a computer and printer, along with nice quality paper and envelopes. You may also need a scanner, depending upon your method. To create … Continued

A Short History of Bookplates

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One of the first bookplates, wood-cut, hand-painted from 1480. These were pasted in the books of the Carthusian monastery of Buxheim by Brother Hildebrand Brandenburg. The History of the Bookplate Bookplates as we know them came into being in 15th century … Continued

Rose History, a flower with a past

A Rose of Antiquity Rosa gallica officinalis is known by other names.  The enigmatic Apothecary’s Rose, the charming Gallic Rose, the fanciful Rose of Provins, the historical Red Rose of Lancaster. All common names for R. gallica officinalis. *The epitaph … Continued

Teacup Tuesday: Copeland Spode Wicker Dale

A charmer with Jane Austen appeal If ever there was a teacup that screamed ‘Emma Woodhouse,’ this pattern by Copeland Spode has to be it. Named Wicker Dale, it’s a delicate, but lively floral pattern on fluted porcelain with a … Continued

High Tea at Five…

High Tea at a ‘High’ Table… Contrary to what most people in the states believe, High Tea is actually more like supper, served around 5-ish. It was called ‘High’ Tea because it was served at a high table vs. a … Continued

The History of Afternoon Tea

In the beginning…. Afternoon Tea originated with the Duchess of Bedord in the early 1800s. In that era, mealtimes were a hearty breakfast, a very light lunch, and then hours later, dinner. The Duchess said she had a ‘sinking feeling’ … Continued

Art Nouveau Style Sheet

Springing out of the Arts & Crafts and Aesthetic movements, Art Nouveau was characterized by organic shapes, long free-flowing  lines and ‘whiplash’ curves. Art Nouveau Profile & Motifs time period: about 1890-1910 Stylized Leaves, tendrils, flowers, vines, insects, peacock feather … Continued

Arts & Crafts Style Sheet

The Arts and Crafts era was a British style that rejected the ornate ornamentation of the Victorian style, and based itself on simpler lines, and hand-craftsmanship over machine-made pieces. Arts and Crafts Era Profile & Motifs time period: about 1880-1920s … Continued