A Blue and White Afternoon Tea

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You’re Invited to a Blue and White Party… Blue and White is such a classic color palette. Be it for a lunch gathering, bridal shower, or an Afternoon Tea. It’s timeless when paired with a floral or Chinoiserie motif. What … Continued

70s Afternoon Tea Party with The Silver Palate Cookbook

A 70s Tea Party with recipes from the classic Silver Palate Cookbook The Silver Palate cookbook came out in 1979, based on Julee Rosso and Sheila Lukins’ iconic NYC gourmet shop. It was one of the first books I remember … Continued

High Tea at Five…

High Tea at a ‘High’ Table… Contrary to what most people in the states believe, High Tea is actually more like supper, served around 5-ish. It was called ‘High’ Tea because it was served at a high table vs. a … Continued

An Outlander High Tea

The ‘Outlander’ series, by Diana Gabaldon, is set in several different time periods. They begin in the 1940s, and time-travel to the 18th century. After which, the books go back to the 40s through to the 60s, while weaving back … Continued

Afternoon Tea at The Drake Hotel Palm Court

It’s a Thursday afternoon, just past mid-week, and I’m back from Afternoon Tea at The Drake Hotel, one of Chicago’s historic establishments. I have to tell you, it feels rather decadent. Well, Afternoon Tea usually does, but even more so … Continued

How to make Finger Sandwiches for a Tea Party

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Off with the their crusts! Classic Finger Sandwiches The hardest thing about making Finger Sandwiches is cutting them without squishing the filling out. I’ve found the key is to put your bread in the freezer beforehand. This makes them a … Continued

The History of Afternoon Tea

In the beginning…. Afternoon Tea originated with the Duchess of Bedord in the early 1800s. In that era, mealtimes were a hearty breakfast, a very light lunch, and then hours later, dinner. The Duchess said she had a ‘sinking feeling’ … Continued