The History of the Persian Love Cake

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A Cake of Romance This is a cake baked down through history, created when Iran was still called Persia, therefore having that beautiful name attached to it.  No offense to Iran and nothing to do with politics, but it lacks … Continued

Rose History, a flower with a past

A Rose of Antiquity Rosa gallica officinalis is known by other names.  The enigmatic Apothecary’s Rose, the charming Gallic Rose, the fanciful Rose of Provins, the historical Red Rose of Lancaster. All common names for R. gallica officinalis. *The epitaph … Continued

Ancient Modern – New Kingdom Feather Pattern

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This pattern was painted thousands of years ago, yet – actual time-worn surface aside – it looks so modern! Interesting are the grid lines. This has the same modernity as the 16th or 17th century bargello ‘flame’ stitch pattern, or … Continued

An Ancient Egyptian Scarab 

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Scarabs are almost shorthand for ancient Egypt so ubiquitous are they in movies and books about that far gone time. Nonetheless, the carvings of these scarabs are beautiful in a mysterious sort of way – evoking ancient rites and travel … Continued