Karl L. H. Müller Tea Service with Figural Finials

A tea service by Karl L. H. Müller designed in the late 1800s and illustrating a style that is reminiscent of Chinoiserie, though its actual classification is Rococo Revivial. The teapot is capped by the face of an oriental man, … Continued

The Victorian Curiosity

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I have a confession.haven’t always been a Victorian enthusiast – the heavy furniture, the fashions, the over consumption. But one thing that I absolutely love about the Victorians was their sense of adventure in exploration. Be it botanical, animal, culinary, … Continued

Antique Malls and Flea Markets near Chicago

The art of the hunt… I love a day of antiquing…or maybe more correctly, the term would be vintage shopping. I don’t often buy things that have reached the 100-yr mark (that deem them a true antique)- with the exception … Continued

Teacup Tuesday: Copeland Spode Wicker Dale

A charmer with Jane Austen appeal If ever there was a teacup that screamed ‘Emma Woodhouse,’ this pattern by Copeland Spode has to be it. Named Wicker Dale, it’s a delicate, but lively floral pattern on fluted porcelain with a … Continued

Teacup Tuesday: Blue Ridge Pottery Mountain Glory

Vintage American Pottery Blue Ridge Southern Potteries produced hand-painted pottery wares from the 1930s-50s from Tennessee.There’s a certain charm to all of the Blue Ridge pieces that comes from the imprecise brushstrokes. The company recruited women from the surrounding Appalachian … Continued

Teacup Tuesday: Royal Worcester Royal Lily

An antique pattern with King George III lineage Royal Lily is a pattern from Royal Worcester (Est in 1751) When King George III visited the Worcester factory in the late 1700s, he ordered a breakfast service in what was then … Continued