How to Make a Homemade Wine Aroma Kit

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DIY Wine Aroma Kit A little over a year ago I decided to put together a Homemade Wine Aroma Kit. After consulting a myriad of websites, blogs and YouTube, I went with a wine aroma kit that has the scents … Continued

Rose History, a flower with a past

A Rose of Antiquity Rosa gallica officinalis is known by other names.  The enigmatic Apothecary’s Rose, the charming Gallic Rose, the fanciful Rose of Provins, the historical Red Rose of Lancaster. All common names for R. gallica officinalis. *The epitaph … Continued

Lapsang Souchong & Laphroaig

Lapsang Souchong, The Smoked Tea Lapsang Souchong, sometimes called ‘smoked tea’ is originally from the Chinese Wuyi region in the province of Fujian. It’s thought to be the oldest black tea in history. It’s also one of the first teas … Continued