Medieval to Victorian, Savory Pies

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Raised Pies Although dessert pies are more common today – at least in the States – Savory Pies have been around for centuries and began as a way to transport food without the benefit of modern day tupperware. Early raised … Continued

The Original Fettucine Alfredo Recipe

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The Original Fettucine Alfredo Recipe According to the cookbook, Cooking the Roman Way, by David Downie, the original Fettucine Alfredo recipe had just 4 ingredients. Namely, Fettucine noodles, butter, Parmigiano-Reggiano cheeese and salt. I remember Fettucine Alfredo being the one … Continued

17th C Hot Chocolate vs 18th C Hot Chocolate

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Historical Hot Chocolate Although the Mayans began drinking chocolate almost 3,000 years ago, it wasn’t until Cortés brought cacao beans to Spain in the 16th century, that chocolate was introduced to Europe. At this point it was still in its … Continued

15th Century Medieval Beef Stew

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Beef y-Stywyd This beef stew is from a 15th-century cookbook. Like most recipes from this time, it relies on warm spices such as clove, cinnamon and mace for flavoring, along with others I wasn’t familiar with – those were cubebs … Continued

Lilac Simple Syrup Recipe

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Floral fragrance I’m not sure when simple syrup came about, but floral simple syrup is the sort of thing I imagine the Victorians would have loved to add to lemonade or gin. It’s slightly fancy with it’s color – a … Continued

The History of the Persian Love Cake

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A Cake of Romance This is a cake baked down through history, created when Iran was still called Persia, therefore having that beautiful name attached to it.  No offense to Iran and nothing to do with politics, but it lacks … Continued

Francatelli Victorian Breakfast

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An Omelet of Fine Herbs by Charles Elme Francatelli For those of you who don’t watch the Masterpiece series, Victoria, Charles Elme Francatelli was the celebrity chef of his day. He apprenticed under the famed French chef, Antonin Carême, the … Continued