Medieval to Victorian, Savory Pies

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Raised Pies Although dessert pies are more common today – at least in the States – Savory Pies have been around for centuries and began as a way to transport food without the benefit of modern day tupperware. Early raised … Continued

15th Century Medieval Beef Stew

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Beef y-Stywyd This beef stew is from a 15th-century cookbook. Like most recipes from this time, it relies on warm spices such as clove, cinnamon and mace for flavoring, along with others I wasn’t familiar with – those were cubebs … Continued

The Art of Tarot Cards

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Tarot cards have been around since the late 14th to early 15th-century – but they didn’t start out as a fortune-telling device. It’s thought they came to western Europe from Turkey, and then became popular in the 15th century when … Continued

Period Needlework Inspiration

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Embroidery is making a comeback on the heels of the knitting and crocheting re-revolution. I have always wanted to master some kind of needlework, but after failing in a number of thread-related ventures, I’ve given up and resigned myself to … Continued

Rose History, a flower with a past

A Rose of Antiquity Rosa gallica officinalis is known by other names.  The enigmatic Apothecary‚Äôs Rose, the charming Gallic Rose, the fanciful Rose of Provins, the historical Red Rose of Lancaster. All common names for R. gallica officinalis. *The epitaph … Continued

Visiting Stratford Ontario for the Shakespeare Festival

Shakespeare and the other Stratford… Last week we drove up to Stratford in Ontario, Canada to enjoy their Shakespeare Festival. Although I have been to Canada a number of times, it’s always been at the other end of the country … Continued