Style Periods, from Past to Present

From Gothic to Eclectic…Style Periods There many style periodsAnd within those periods, are smaller style periods. Here’s a brief starting point from which to glean insight for some of the major style eras since the middle ages. Gothic Style, 12th-16th … Continued

Neo-Classicism Style Sheet

Neo-Classical style turned away from the frivolity of the Rococo era with designs harkening back to ancient Greece, Rome and Pompeii. Neo-Classicism Profile & Motifs time period: about mid 18th century to early 19th century Symmetry Urns, laurel wreaths Greek … Continued

Victorian Style Sheet

The Victorian era occurred during the reign of Queen Victoria in Britain. In 1851, the Great Exhibition in London fueled interest in historical revival styles that were often mixed-and-matched. Victorian Style Sheet Profile & Motifs time period: 1837-1901 Heavy decoration, … Continued

Bauhaus Style Sheet

The Bauhaus was a school of design founded by German architect Walter Gropius in Wiemar, Germany that strived to unite arts and fine crafts. Bauhaus Profile & Motifs time period: 1919-1933 Cubism Textile design, Pottery, Metalworking, Cabinetmaking Photography, Paintings San-Serif … Continued

Art Nouveau Style Sheet

Springing out of the Arts & Crafts and Aesthetic movements, Art Nouveau was characterized by organic shapes, long free-flowing  lines and ‘whiplash’ curves. Art Nouveau Profile & Motifs time period: about 1890-1910 Stylized Leaves, tendrils, flowers, vines, insects, peacock feather … Continued

Arts & Crafts Style Sheet

The Arts and Crafts era was a British style that rejected the ornate ornamentation of the Victorian style, and based itself on simpler lines, and hand-craftsmanship over machine-made pieces. Arts and Crafts Era Profile & Motifs time period: about 1880-1920s … Continued