Style Periods, from Past to Present

From Gothic to Eclectic…Style Periods There many style periodsAnd within those periods, are smaller style periods. Here’s a brief starting point from which to glean insight for some of the major style eras since the middle ages. Gothic Style, 12th-16th … Continued

How to Make an Antique Monogram Stationery Set

Designing your Antique Monogram Creating an Antique Monogram and Stationery: You will need to have access to a computer and printer, along with nice quality paper and envelopes. You may also need a scanner, depending upon your method. To create … Continued

How to use Water Slide Decals for Easy DIY Gifts

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One Day Project with Water Slide Decals Water Slide Decals are easy to use and give a real sense of satisfaction!Not including the three hours drying time, a Waterslide Decal project should take you about 45 minutes to an hour … Continued

The Art of Tarot Cards

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Tarot cards have been around since the late 14th to early 15th-century – but they didn’t start out as a fortune-telling device. It’s thought they came to western Europe from Turkey, and then became popular in the 15th century when … Continued

Period Needlework Inspiration

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Embroidery is making a comeback on the heels of the knitting and crocheting re-revolution. I have always wanted to master some kind of needlework, but after failing in a number of thread-related ventures, I’ve given up and resigned myself to … Continued

Victorian Arts & Crafts, William Morris

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William Morris Birth: March 24, 1834 – Walthamstow, EnglandDeath: October 3, 1896 Hammersmith, England William Morris was an English designer, poet, socialist and craftsman. His interest in creating beautiful, yet functional designs drove him to pioneer the Arts & Crafts … Continued

Modern Victorian Pottery, Emma Bridgewater Style

Emma Bridgewater designs are perfect examples of Modern Victorian Pottery. They have a sense of vintage about them even though they’re made by a contemporary designer and pottery company in the Victorian village of Stoke on Trent, in England. Each … Continued

Teacup Tuesday: Tiger Raj by Lynn Chase

From artist to designer This colorful and exotic teacup pattern, Tiger Raj, by artist Lynn Chase, exemplifies her whimsical take on the animal kingdom. Having traveled extensively throughout Africa, South America and the States, Chase turned her creative talent towards … Continued

Teacup Tuesday: Copeland Spode Wicker Dale

A charmer with Jane Austen appeal If ever there was a teacup that screamed ‘Emma Woodhouse,’ this pattern by Copeland Spode has to be it. Named Wicker Dale, it’s a delicate, but lively floral pattern on fluted porcelain with a … Continued

Teacup Tuesday: Blue Ridge Pottery Mountain Glory

Vintage American Pottery Blue Ridge Southern Potteries produced hand-painted pottery wares from the 1930s-50s from Tennessee.There’s a certain charm to all of the Blue Ridge pieces that comes from the imprecise brushstrokes. The company recruited women from the surrounding Appalachian … Continued