Medieval to Victorian, Savory Pies

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Raised Pies Although dessert pies are more common today – at least in the States – Savory Pies have been around for centuries and began as a way to transport food without the benefit of modern day tupperware. Early raised … Continued

Francatelli Victorian Breakfast

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An Omelet of Fine Herbs by Charles Elme Francatelli For those of you who don’t watch the Masterpiece series, Victoria, Charles Elme Francatelli was the celebrity chef of his day. He apprenticed under the famed French chef, Antonin Carême, the … Continued

Karl L. H. Müller Tea Service with Figural Finials

A tea service by Karl L. H. Müller designed in the late 1800s and illustrating a style that is reminiscent of Chinoiserie, though its actual classification is Rococo Revivial. The teapot is capped by the face of an oriental man, … Continued

Period Needlework Inspiration

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Embroidery is making a comeback on the heels of the knitting and crocheting re-revolution. I have always wanted to master some kind of needlework, but after failing in a number of thread-related ventures, I’ve given up and resigned myself to … Continued

The Victorian Curiosity

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I have a confession.haven’t always been a Victorian enthusiast – the heavy furniture, the fashions, the over consumption. But one thing that I absolutely love about the Victorians was their sense of adventure in exploration. Be it botanical, animal, culinary, … Continued

Victorian Arts & Crafts, William Morris

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William Morris Birth: March 24, 1834 – Walthamstow, EnglandDeath: October 3, 1896 Hammersmith, England William Morris was an English designer, poet, socialist and craftsman. His interest in creating beautiful, yet functional designs drove him to pioneer the Arts & Crafts … Continued

Modern Victorian Pottery, Emma Bridgewater Style

Emma Bridgewater designs are perfect examples of Modern Victorian Pottery. They have a sense of vintage about them even though they’re made by a contemporary designer and pottery company in the Victorian village of Stoke on Trent, in England. Each … Continued

Infusing Honey with Herbs & Spices

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Bees and the all the buzz… Honey, and especially bees, are a thing these days.With a spotlight being placed on the buzzy fliers due to their diminishing numbers, more and more people are paying special attention to them. And not … Continued

Rose History, a flower with a past

A Rose of Antiquity Rosa gallica officinalis is known by other names.  The enigmatic Apothecary’s Rose, the charming Gallic Rose, the fanciful Rose of Provins, the historical Red Rose of Lancaster. All common names for R. gallica officinalis. *The epitaph … Continued

High Tea at Five…

High Tea at a ‘High’ Table… Contrary to what most people in the states believe, High Tea is actually more like supper, served around 5-ish. It was called ‘High’ Tea because it was served at a high table vs. a … Continued