How to Make a Homemade Wine Aroma Kit

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Homemade wine aroma kit
A homemade wine aroma kit

DIY Wine Aroma Kit

A little over a year ago I decided to put together a Homemade Wine Aroma Kit.

After consulting a myriad of websites, blogs and YouTube, I went with a wine aroma kit that has the scents submerged in wine vs. putting together a ‘dry’ kit wherein you pour a little white or red wine into a glass, and add a bit of the herb, spice, berry etc.

How to make A DIY Wine Aroma Kit
Small samples submered in 1 to 2oz bottles

The reason I decided to go this route, is because I like the idea of having them ready to go whenever I want to use them. In other words, I can use them at any time, without opening a new bottle of wine whenever I want to practice. It makes for quick nose tuning when you can grab one of the small viles or bottles and stick it under your nose.

Simple Steps to Assemble

The process to create this kit is simple and you can add to your collection at anytime. All you need are small bottles with caps to put your scent in, your scent materials (herbs, spices, fruit etc) and the initial wine itself, plus something to label with.

Step 1: Put your scent ingredients in to each bottle (see photos for the approx amounts I used)
Step 2. Fill to cover with wine
Step 3: Seal with bottle top, shake to distribute
Step 4: Label with permanent marker, store in cool, dry space

The alcohol in the wine will preserve the ingredient that you put in your bottle, as long as the material is covered. Like I said, I made my kit over a year ago, and everything is still intact, with no sign of mold or any other unwelcome surprises.

Scent Ideas for your Kit

This is a list of the ‘scents’ that I included – view images to see about how much material I put into each bottle. For fruits, I used a few shavings or the zest of their skin.
Green Pepper
Green Apple
Black Pepper

There are endless other scents that you could include.

A homemade wine aroma kit
Lovely to smell, and lovely to look at

Tips when assembling your Wine Kit

  • Use a netural wine – for white, something like Pinot Grigio, for red, perhaps a Merlot – you’re using wine because you want to identify the scent in wine…not vodka, etc.
  • The bottles I used were 1 to 2oz bottles- these are small enough to store, but big enought to easily sniff. Resource included at end of blog post.
  • Be sure to cover your scent ingredients completely with the wine. If you’re going to store the bottles lying down on their sides, fill to just under the bottle cap.
  • Store your Homemade Wine Aroma kit in a cool, dark area
  • Remember to label!

Tips on using your Homemade Wine Aroma Kit

  • Make one kit for red wines, and another for white. The idea is to train your nose to isolate particular scents in your wine. They will smell slightly different when in a red vs a white, so two kits are best.
  • Some of the scents will be more subtle than others, but after you’ve smelled them a number of times, you’ll begin to pick them up – which is the whole point of the wine aroma kit.
  • Practice – when you get to point where you can identify the scent without looking at the label, you’ve succeeded
  • Add to your scent collection. It’s fun and it really does work.
  • No need to wait, you can use these right away

Other ideas…

The holidays are coming up….use your Homemade Wine Aroma kit at your next wine gathering and test your skills.

Or, why not make a few kits and give away as unique DIY holiday gifts? One bottle of wine goes a long way in these small scent bottles.

For bottles, I use those found at